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Mobltz iPhone App

The Mobltz iPhone app makes it easy to capture & send media to your most recently accessed moblt codewords.

Download the Mobltz iPhone app from the Apple App Store.


  1) Log-in to the app with your Mobltz Nickname/Password.

Tip: Tap the logo at the top of the app to open Safari on the Mobltz JOIN page.

  2) Pick from the wheel of moblt codewords and tap the Camera button.

Tip: Tap the logo at the top of the app to launch Safari and play the moblt associated with the selected codeword.

  3) Take a picture or shoot a video* (up to 60 seconds) with the Mobltz camera, or tap the camera roll () icon to choose a picture from an album.

Tip: Use the standard iPhone camera buttons to control the camera and switch between photo & video* mode.

*Video for iPhone 3GS or >. Camera roll supports pictures only.

  4) Send the picture or video to the currently selected moblt.

Your media is sent to Mobltz in the background via the iPhone's built-in e-mail program.**

**Important: For media to successfully arrive in Mobltz your iPhone's primary e-mail address must match the e-mail address associated with your Mobltz Nickname/Password.

  5) Tap the Options button (next to the Camera button in the main screen) to go to the options view.

Make a new moblt, refresh the codeword picker wheel, or logout.

Tap the X () icon in the upper left corner of the screen to exit options and return to the main view.

Questions about the Mobltz iPhone app? Send e-mail to help@mobltz.com


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